Suraj Kund in Meerut

Suraj Kund is the historical area of Meerut where the old town flourished. The Suraj Kund pond was originally built in 1714 by Lawar Jawahar Lal, a rich merchant, and was called “monkey tank” by the British. As per the mythology, it is said that Karna had offered his Kawach and Kundal to Lord Surya at the area of the Kund (lake). There are a number of small temples, sanctuaries, sati pillars in this area. Some of the other notable structures in Suraj Kund also include the Dargah of Shahpir, Jama Masjid, and the mausoleums of Salar Masaud Ghazi and Abu Yar Khan. The area is now popular for shopping and markets which are dotted with shops selling all kinds of goods and a host of sports goods manufacturing companies that are located here.

The main landmark of Suraj Kund is the Suraj Kund Park, the huge tank which originally was fed by water of Abu Nala. The Ganga Canal fills the water of this park, which, in present day, is maintained by the municipal corporation. The verdant surroundings of the park houses diverse flora and fauna besides creating ample opportunities for amusement and recreation.

Suraj Kund Area in Meerut

Temples in Suraj Kund Meerut

Baba Manoharnath Temple

The temple played an important role even during the freedom struggle. An old fakir, who had stayed here during those days, was a part of a large organization. He motivated the Sepoys and the local citizens to raise arms against he British.

Chandi Devi Temple

This temple is the site for the Nauchandi fair which is held annually in the month of March. As per the legends, Mandodari who was the wife of Ravana was the ardent worshiper of Goddess Chandi, in whose memory this temple has been built.

Mansa Devi Temple

This temple is one of the ancient temples of Meerut that is dedicated to Goddess Mansa. Special prayers are held during Dusherra, where people from all over gather to offer special offerings to the Goddess here.

Historical Monuments in Suraj Kund

Shahpeer ki Dargah

Built in 1620, it is recognized as a National Heritage monument by the Archaeological Society of India. The tomb is built in memory of Shahpeer, who was a physician and advisor in the court of Jehangir.

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Bade Miyan ki dargah

This dargah is also a popular site for the Urs that occurs during March in Meerut. The dargah was built by Qutub-Ud-Din Aibak during the 12th Century.

Fairs and Melas at Suraj Kund

Suraj Kund is also a site for the number of fairs and melas that take place during the festival times of Holi and Dusherra.

Suraj Kund Mela is organized every year during Dusherra with great grandeur and show. The effigy of Ravana is burnt down symbolizing the victory of good over evil. Various amusement rides and stalls are organized during the fair.

Nauchandi Fair
is one of the popular fairs that are held here in Meerut during the weeks following the festival of Holi. It is commemorated to Goddess Chandi whose temple is also present in the vicinity of Suraj Kund.

Some of the other attractions here are the Gandhi Park, Barspati Temple, etc. Suraj Kund is located on the road leading to Garh Mukteshwar. The lake here is managed by the Municipal Corporation and attracts a number of people as there are a number of recreational facilities available here. Suraj Kund in present day houses several retail outlets selling all the popular brands of sports goods and accessories. Known as a hub of sports industries, the sports complex is also located close to Suraj Kund.
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