Food in Meerut

Meerut offers a wide range of food and choices to suit the taste of every taste bud. The confluence of people from all round the globe due to industrialization in the city has seen the influence of global cuisine here. In the recent times, Meerut has witnessed a number of food chains, restaurants and eateries specializing in all kinds of cuisine. From the typical North Indian food, to continental, Chinese, or Italian; you name it and one can find them all here in the city. All major national and international fast food chains have their presence in Meerut. To name a few are McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Cafe Coffee Day etc. Thanks to the fact that agricultural produce is in abundance one can find a variety of vegetables, grains and pulses, fruits that grows here. This has also led to the development of allied industries like dairy farming, poultry and food processing industries.

Awadhi Food in Meerut

The Mughlai and Awadhi style of cooking known to the state of Uttar Pradesh is followed here too. In the domestic kitchen one can find food consisting of dal, vegetables, as well as, a great choice of non-vegetarian food items. One can encounter a wide range of food items to choose from like Naan, Biryani, Paneer dishes, mutton dishes, korma, lassi, tandoor dishes apart from a wide array of sweetmeats. The incursions of Pakistanis, Kashmiris, proximity to New Delhi, Uttarakhand are also among the key factors that have influenced the local food habits here. Chaats are among the favorite picks of Meerut. Renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who having spent a considerable part of his childhood in Meerut has, in his book “ Chaats”, reminisced his fond memories of the flavorsome chaat items from the local eat streets here.

Sweets -Til Gajak and Revdi

Meerut's hot favorites, Til Gajak and Revdi which though are winter sweets, are available all round the year at various sweet shops in the city. Gajak and Revdi are made of Sesame seeds and jaggery; either whole or coarsely grounded that can be stored for a long time. Some of the other popular sweets of Meerut are Nankhatais, Petha and Soan Halwa which are also available in all the sweet shops in the city. Shops at Budhana gate, Laala ka bazaar, Modinagar are among the popular sweet shops in Meerut.

Til Gajak

Local Chaat Bazaar

Chaat, scrumptious blend of spiciness, sweetness and tanginess is what the city of Meerut is popular for. Among the chaat items, Matar ke chaat tops the list, which, incidentally the city is popular for. Chaat Bazaar located in the Cantonment area of Meerut is dotted with shops specializing in chaat items of all types, kachoris, Pav Bhaji etc. Pani Puris are locally known as pani pathashas and are most popular among all age groups.


A number of Biryani joints are present across the city at various locations. Known for its delectable taste, succulent meat, long grained rice all combined well with the right amount of spices, Biryani is a speciality of Mughlai cuisine. Some of the acclaimed biryani joints in Meerut include Mezbaan Biryani, Haji Munna Biryani, Moti Mahal Restaurant etc. Vegetarian Biryani is also available in most of these joints.


Tikkis of varied sorts can be found at various location across the city as Meerut is much famed for tikkis as well. Some of the picks among tikkis are Aloo tikki, methi tikkis, bun tikkis, Methi tikkis that one can savour at the local eateries at Cantonment area, Sadar Bazaar and Modinagar.
Meerut Street Food

Restaurants in Meerut

A number of options of restaurants in various categories are available in the city. Mughlai and Awadhi food; both particular to Uttar Pradesh are served at all major restaurants. They serve a good number of vegetarian options as well. Several Italian joints, Chinese eat-out places are present across various places in the city. One can find a number of options for street food as well. The shops on Abu Lane specializing in chaat, chole bhature are popular among the locals as much as the shops located on Sadar Bazaar that serves some of the most delectable patties.

Jain Shikanji is one of the most popular eat-out joints in Meerut. Located 5 kilometres from Modinagar the restaurant is known for the humble lemonade-popularly called as Shikanji that is served with different masala. Other hot bites on the menu include pakodas, chaats and tikkis.
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