Emergency Services in Meerut

A fast developing town like Meerut has to be braced up for the situation of crisis, accident or disaster; which calls for the efficient services by the emergency service providers. Some of the emergency service providers in the city of Meerut include blood banks, eye banks, fire service, ambulance service and disaster management. These services ensure that there is speedy and efficient service available when the city has to face times of trial and crisis.

Emergency Services in Meerut

Ambulance Services in Meerut

Ambulance providers cater to the city of Meerut and its surrounding vicinities. They offer round the clock service to every quarter of the city. Most of the ambulance service providers are associated with the hospitals, and some others to the NGO’s. Besides, there are few private service providers as well.

National Ambulance Services
Telephone: 0121-2532776

Good Luck Ambulance
Telephone: 0121-2702275

Pandit Ambulance Service in Meerut

Telephone: 9897218683

Vishnu Ambulance Service

Telephone: 9837212266

Sunil Ambulance Services

Telephone: 8057907155

Janseva Ambulance

Telephone: 9837523302

Shri Mangalam Hospital

Telephone: 0121-2902236

Mama Ambulance Service

Telephone: 7500141725

Choudhary Ambulance Service

Telephone: 9837335999

Jan Sewa Ambulance Service

Telephone: 9837523302

All India Ambulance Service

Telephone: 9927578731

Ashok Kumar Ambulance

Telephone: 0121-2664967

Deepak Som Ambulance

Telephone: 7351011365

Vinod Hospital

Telephone No: 0121-2765875

Jaswant Rai Speciality Hospital
Telephone: 01233-2663887,

Meerut Kidney Hospital

Telephone No.-0121-2672022

Hope Speciality Hospital

Telephone: 0121-2662600

Meerut Scan Center Private Limited

Telephone: 0121-2642238

Valentis Cancer Hospital

Telephone: 01233-2887700

Falah E Aam Charitable Hospital

Telephone: 0121-2534070

Neel Kamal Nursing Home

Telephone: 0121-2701070

Sirohi Hospital

Telephone: 0121-2688449

Prem Surgical and Maternity Hospital
Telephone No-0121-2709020

Bharat Hospital and Trauma Center
in Meerut
Telephone: 0121-6452262

Kamna Hospital and Laproscopic surgery Center

Telephone: 0121-2514206

Divyajyoti Specialties
Telephone: 0121-2620888

Lifeline Hospital
Telephone: 0121-2557557

Shanti Nursing Home
Telephone: 0121-2557016

Jeevan Rekha Hospital
Telephone: 0121-4029318

Balwanthi Nursing Home
Telephone: 0121-2555717

Eves Hospital Telephone
Telephone: 2648409

Blood Banks in Meerut

While most of the blood banks are attached to the hospitals, there are some private blood banks as well. Besides, regular blood donation camps are held at different areas round the year by institutions like Rotary Club.

Cyrobank International (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Telephone No. 95822 84444

Sanjeevni Blood Bank
Telephone: 0121- 2525864

Meerut Blood Bank in Meerut
Telephone- 0121-2766166

Sushil Jaswant Rai Blood Bank
Telephone No-0121- 2663887, 2663888

Lokpriya Blood Bank in Meerut
Telephone No- 0121-2760040

KMC Blood Bank
Telephone- 0121-4002112, 99270 29570

Sardar VB Hospital Blood Bank
Telephone: 0121-2760888

Fire Engine Services in Meerut

Meerut is equipped with three fire engine stations located at the Police Lines, Cantonment Area and near the Municipal Corporation.

Fire Brigade in Meerut
Telephone No- 101

Fire Brigade at Cantonment
Telephone No-0121-2643400

Fire Brigade at Police Lines
Telephone No- 0121-2643600

Fire Brigade at Nagar Nigam
Telephone No -0121-227073

Police Hotlines in Meerut

Police Control Room
Telephone No.-100

Police Control Room Meerut City
Telephone No. 0121-2656690

Police Control Room Meerut City
Telephone No. 0121-2655161

ADG Meerut Zone
Telephone No: 0121-2763733

DIG Meeerut Range
Telephone No: 0121-2666866

SSP Meerut
Telephone No: 0121-2660548, 2640815

Additional. SP City Meerut
Telephone No: 0121-2401010

Additional SP Crime
Telephone No.: 945440 1100

Additional SP ( Traffic)
Telephone No: 0121-2660545

Kotwali Police Station
Telephone No: 0121-2421924

Brahampuri Police Station
Telephone No: 0121-2516251

Sadar, Cantonment Police Station
Telephone No: 0121-2510742

Civil Line Police Station
Telephone No: 0121-276379

Sardhana Police Station
Telephone No: 01237-236040

Mawana Police Station
Telpehone No: 0121-2421924

Kithore Police Station
Telephone No: 0121-2648457

Sadar, Dehat Police Station
Telephone No: 0121-2640815

24 Hour Pharmacies in Meerut

Find here the list of pharmacies that are open 24X7 in Meerut.

Saharan Medical Store

Fazalpur Gate, Rohta Road
Telephone: 9897901209

Shri Krishna Medical Store
Sardhana, Opp-SBI ATM,
Meerut Cantonment, Meerut
Telephone: 9456010910, 9027841309

New Shree Medical Store in Meerut
Shop No.2, Near Heera Lal Hospital
Chippi Tank, Meerut
Telephone: 0121-2649934

Dev Shree Medical Store
No. 22, Near T P Nagar Police Station,
Dev Shree Plaza,
Telephone: 8410087007

Vats Medical Store in Meerut
Near City Station, Rohta Road
Telephone: 9720050414

Shiv Medical Store
Bannu Miya Colony, Near JP Hospital
Telephone: 8791706257

Praveen Medical Store
Vedavyasapuram, Opp Subharti Gate
Cantonment, Meerut
Telephone: 9012173121

Eves Hospital Pharmacy in Meerut
Eves Crossing, Meerut City
Telephone: 9897042824, 0121-4056269

Narayan Medical Store
Shri Narayana Super speciality Nursing Home
Telephone: 9837782645

Chaudhary Medical Hall
Near Tikri Chauraha, Baghpat Road,
Telephone: 9690881894

Care Medicos
Shop No.22, Near Ghantaghar
Telephone: 0121-2400965

Anurag Medical Store in Meerut
Near Mangalam Hospital,
Baghpat Road, Meerut
Telephone: 9897338531
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