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Industries in Meerut

Sports goods industries in MeerutMeerut is located close to the capital city of New Delhi. The city is known for its rising economy, both agricultural and industrial, transportation and tourism and also for its significant contribution to the history and culture of India. Owing to its strategic location, availability of raw materials, an otherwise agricultural town saw a surge of industries in the recent decades. A number of factors contributed for the rise in industries. Chief among them being the agglomeration of Meerut into the National Capital Region in the 1990s which contributed for the change in the very economic fabric of the city. The surge in the number of industrial units and the diverse segment of manufacturing units have contributed in making Meerut one of the largest industrial hubs and fastest growing cities of the world. From the conventional businesses such as scissors, musical instruments, the city is now the one of the largest manufacturer of gold jewellery, sports goods, sugar and agro-based industry.

Sports Goods Industry in Meerut

Meerut is a popular hub for the manufacturing of sports goods, fitness and sporting equipments. There are as many as 350 manufacturing units manufacturing sports goods and generating employment to as many as 15,000 to 16,000 employees. They have a consolidated turnover of nearly 500 crores. The sports manufacturing cluster comprises of small scale and household units manufacturing chiefly cricket bats and balls, hockey sticks, boxing gloves, protective equipment etc. Most of the sports goods manufacturing industries are located at the Sports Complex and in the nearby villages.

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Scissors Industry in Meerut

The Meerut cluster accounts for the largest suppliers and manufacturers of scissors in the country, some having a history of more than 300 years. In total there are more than 250 units employing nearly 70,000 people. Most of the Meerut scissors are manufactured from recycled metal scrap and automobile parts, that are chiefly used for garment makers. The price range of these scissors is Rs. 20 to Rs. 500. Owing to its distinct nature and quality, Meerut scissors qualified for geographical indications in 2013. Most of the scissor-manufacturing units are located at Ghantaghar, Peeramal Market, Khairnagar and also the nearby villages of Mawana, Parikshitgarh etc.

Musical Instruments in Meerut

Musical instruments are chiefly run as small cottage industries and household units. Meerut is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments for domestic and international markets aggregating to nearly 90 percent of the total manufacture of the musical instruments. Band instruments is a specialty of the city here which include instruments such as drums, flute, harmonium, clarinet etc. With over 300 such manufacturing units, the musical instruments units generate employment for over 5000 people and employs over 20 percent of women work force.

Sugar Industries in Meerut

Meerut lies in the trans Yamua belt, and hence, is agriculturally very prosperous. This region produces nearly 5% of the total national output of sugar. Given the fact that Meerut is an agricultural hub, a number of sugar industries are located in Meerut region, some that have been established as early as 1932. To name a few are Balrampur Chini, Mawana sugars, Daurala sugar, Dwarakish Sugar, Doab Sugar Mills are just to name a few. Meerut is an agricultural hub that produces nearly 26-30 tonnes of sugar annually. A number of initiatives are taken by the government to optimize the capacity and to better the logistics and availability of raw materials to the sugar industries.

Auto Components Sector in Meerut

Auto components sector in Meerut contribute to nearly 95% of the total national demand for auto parts. auto brakes, rubber components, nuts bolts etc are some of the components that are manufactured here in Meerut. Most of the renowned industries manufacturing auto components are present here in Meerut. There are nearly 4600 to 4700 manufacturing units employing close to 26,000 employees spanning over various categories of auto component manufacturing. The industry has been growing at an annual rate of 5% per annum.

Apart from the above-mentioned industries, Meerut is a home for a number of other industries as well. Handloom industry, which primarily manufactures blankets and mats, paper industry, handicraft industry and a whole host of agro industries have their presence in Meerut, supplying their finished goods to the domestic as well as international markets.

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    I want to settle down in Meerut after staying overseas over a long period. Please advise me what I can I do to keep my self busy and earn my leaving staying in Meerut, Mangal Pandey Nagar

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    Mr satya pal singh you can perfom many kind of works in meerut it depends on your qualification sir their are work for every kinf of person in meerut that is an personal advice from my side sir i think you will feel great after when u settle down in meerut thanks regard saksham garg

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